Do you want to dedicate yourself to padel professionally? Would you like to be an instructor or a padel pro coach? Maybe you prefer to invest in the padel business? Do you want to learn how to manage a padel installation?

DAPADEL, is an exclusive organization with a system to train true professionals who wish to dedicate themselves to the padel business and train them in a perfect way to be the best, either as an instructor, coach or manager in any padel installation. We have the knowledge, the tools and the desire to achieve it.

There are many values ​​that we treasure the entire team of dapadel, but indeed, there are 4 values ​​that define us: illusion, transparency, closeness and professionalism.

Illusion: for every second, for every minute, the illusion of achieving our goals and help you out to get yours.
Transparency: We are transparent, we are clean and, therefore, we generate the confidence necessary to obtain your trust, we demonstrate what we offer as it is.

Closeness: We like to know the people who entrust us with their training, that is why we face our professionals, because we are close, we are friendly people and we establish bonds based on respect.
Professionalism: We don’t know how to do it differently, the degree of commitment and participation with which we face each challenge we try to spread it to convey that things are done well or not.

In our case as a private company, all our contents are deposited in the LEGAL CODE, which makes us a legal center with our code CA-116/2012.

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